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Mexico - Sicobi
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Mexico - Sicobi

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Location - Sierra Sur, Oaxaca

Farm - Cocafelol Co-op

Altitude - 1300 - 1900 meters

Varietal - Typica, Catura, Mundo Nuova

Processing - Washed

Taste notes - Well balanced cup with a pleasant finish. Semi-sweet cocoa, Honey, Pear

Why should you drink it?

 More than any other coffee we've carried, this one is a "crowd pleaser" ... if it were a karaoke song, it'd be Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline." It's both familiar and perfect!  

Also, Sicobi has a unique cup profile. While the cooperative's coffees are 100% washed process, they profile similar to a natural coffee. This is due in part to the natural conditions of the area, particularly the very dry landscape which creates a unique micro-climate. Sicobi’s growers ferment their coffee in wood tanks, which also helps give the coffee the profile of a natural.

Sicobi was founded in 2010 by a non-governmental organization called GAIA (Grupo Autónomo para la Investigación Ambiental), a group of biologists that have worked in Oaxaca for 25 years. As a result, the group has a strong focus on preserving the stunning natural environment in Sierra Sur, Oaxaca, where the cooperative is located.


Still a shop favorite!! =)



Price - $16.00 NET WT 12 ounces (283 grams)