About The Red E Café

Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

Keith Miller and I opened our flagship North Portland cafe on N. Killingsworth Street in 2009 after years of planning and searching for just the right place. We were happy to be able to serve coffee in the neighborhood we’ve called home for over a decade.

We arrived in Oregon in 1996, after cycling across country, possibly beckoned to Portland due to a higher calling or simply because we ran out of money. North Portland seemed far away from the rest of city at the time, but the diverse and growing neighborhood would become our home and place to eventually anchor our first shop. Since then, we’ve opened an additional cafe in the Pearl District Ecotrust Building, and we now roast our own coffee.

Over the years, Keith and I have enjoyed the process of sharing our lives and learning experiences with other coffee people in Portland who have taught us so much. We have truly stood on the shoulders of giants.

— Mindy Farley

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Articles and video featuring The Red E Café

The staff here is wonderful, always ready to help a confused, uninitiated coffee consumer learn about different roasts, blends and pours, or to simply smile.

Lizzy Caston
Portland Food and Drink

If The Red E won’t blow its own horn, we will: One of the city’s best coffee shops is hiding here.

Ruth Brown
Willamette Week

We were seen in the Wild Flag video “Romance.”

The dramatic cafe is the perfect setting for a V60 pour over made to exacting standards.

Hanna Neuschwander
The Oregonian

A NoPo institution where the owner presides with a guru-like benevolence.

Oliver Strand
The New York Times

Each Portland coffeehouse we visited seemed to have one fun twist or innovation. Red e’s twist was iced coffee on draft, pushed out with nitro instead of CO2, so no carbonation.

Joshua Lurie
Food GPS

The Ecotrust Building is gorgeous centuries-old industrial warehouse, fully restored in the late 1990s and chock full of charming shops, eateries, and outstanding views of urban Portland from its public rooftop mezzanine.

Llewellyn Sinclair

Because Portlanders believe dental hygiene and aviation maintenance students deserve great coffee too, across the road from Portland Community College in a grungy area of northeast Portland, you’ll find the college coffeehouse you wish you’d had.

Ruth Brown
First We Feast

… interviews with leading folks in the industry who’ve developed a special bond with the La Marzocco Linea.
… Mindy Farley of the North Portland’s own The Red E Cafe (a Sprudge.com editorial favorite)…

Llewellyn Sinclair

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the red e café

   ✩ ✩ ✩    Pearl District → 721 NW 9th Ave. , 503-819-9755 ✩ ✩
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the red e café

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1006 N. Killingsworth St. ,

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